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My work life includes thinking about thinking related to what processes underlie judgements and decisions we make. I spread some of it through consulting,  research projects,  publications,  conference meets ,  teaching and day-dreaming while gravitating towards becoming a human.

Research: Attention and Decision making

My research finds the role of basic cognitive processes like attention on information processing, affective valuation and learned actions involved in higher order judgments or decisions. The idea is to find explanations and specify information processes based on attentional mechanisms that might underlie and potentially explain daily judgements or decisions without requiring complex higher order explanations. Currently, I am keen to start exploring how attention influences learning for novices who are getting trained towards becoming experts in different tasks that require making judgments or taking decisions while interacting with technology.

Other research: Social judgments, preferences and decisions

Contact address

Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee, (first name pronounced as “Sumitav”)
MS615A, Main Building,
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi),
Hauz Khaz, New Delhi 110016
Email: / sumitava.inbox @ gmail.com

Ongoing Research

#1: Attentional mechanisms in affective valuation of gains and losses

The idea of loss aversion is that losses loom psychologically larger than gains. It has almost been like a tautology in whole of social sciences but emerging evidences show that it may not be so thus motivating more investigations about what exactly are the underlying cognitive processes and mechanistic computations for this important phenomena. We are finding that when people attend to a range of magnitudes, loss aversion is magnitude dependent. Now, I am investigating the effect of attention with emphasis on the value function and characteristics of information processing involved in valuation of gains and losses in both monetary plus non-monetary domains across more than one goal, as is common in our real everyday lives.


  • Member, Society for Judgment and Decision Making, USA
  • Member, Association for Psychological Science, USA
  • Exec. comm. Member, National Academy of Psychology, India
  • Life member, Indian Science Congress


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